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Christakis Avgousti Ltd has been working on glass processing for 25 years and today it is considered to be a leading company of its kind with its customers enjoying innovative proposals and the latest trends in the field of glass construction.

Τhe founder, Christakis Avgoustis, was a progressive man with a vision that steadily and surely managed to consolidate the company in the glass area starting from scratch and equipping it with machines, while building a very good reputation in the market. Today, the company has been taken over by the two children of Christaki Avgoustis, Avgi and Yiannos, continuing their father's vision and maintaining the same pace of growth as well as the good name of the company.

As a family business, the company undertakes each and every project with the main concern to be the customer's satisfaction. For this reason, our clientele as well as our associates are people with whom we have worked repeatedly.

The company's factory is located in Limassol and is considered to be one of the best equipped in Cyprus, having the capacity to supply and install any type and size of glass construction. Of course, the company's success did not arise from its facilities but from the contribution of its people, which is also the most important asset of the company.

Acts are always stronger than words. For this, you can see the company's projects here