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Double Glazing
The double glass, also known as an insulator, consists of double or triple glazing separated by air gap or gap filled with other gas to reduce the heat transfer to parts of the building shell.
Float Glass
Floating glass is a sheet of glass made of floating tensile glass on a sheet of squared metal, usually cement, although many alums have been tested in the past.
Structural Glazing
Structural glass panels are part of the structural and / or semi-structural type of the "curtain wall" where the inside of the glass is supported by the aluminum frame while its exterior is supported only by structural silicone.
Insulated Glass Blinds
These blinds are incorporated into insulating glass. Their advantage is that they do not come into contact with dust or even useless!
Tempered Glass
A type of safety glass which is processed by controlled thermal or chemical processes to increase its strength with respect to common glass. The hardening causes compression on the outer surfaces while at internal tension.
Laminated Glass
Another type of safety glass, which does not break into pieces when it is crushed. If broken is held by an intermediate layer, usually PVB, between the 2 or more layers of glass.